Age: 13

Race: Elf

Class: Arcane Archer Fighter

–Fear.– My full name is Braern Pahice, but that name was quickly thrown away the day my father left. My mother turned to calling me Binx; it had a better ring to it than that of what was a reminder of my father. When I was 5 years old my father found a different elven woman that he thought could fulfill his needs. This left my mother seeking a new strong male figure in my life. That only lead to different men that came and went. They used her. None stayed. None loved. One killed. –Fear that I will forget my mother.– Who knew that a shot to the temple with a right hook could kill a person. His name is Hamond Rayric. I know his name. I know his face. I know I will return the favor. Hamond has fueled a fire inside of me. It has motivated me to hone my abilities as an archer. One day I will drive an arrow straight through his heart. –Fear that I will never find him.– I am 13 now. I live with my group, Harbor Boys of Baulder’s Gate. The name sounds alot more terrifying than it actually is. We are the derelict children that beg on the corners. We get by, sometimes at the expense of others. Life is hard. –Fear of being alone.– When Cindra Sylvane approached with me with an opportunity to leave Baulder’s Gate, my choices were limited. When you are poor and someone hands you more gold than you have ever dreamed of, you have to accept it. But, this is an opportunity to continue building my skills. For one day they will be needed to feed my fear. I await my return to Baulder’s Gate with bated breath. –Fear, I know it well. You will too.–