Dilly-dilly! My name is Chris, or Two-Sox, or Binx, or Dutch, depending on what social media platform or D&D campaign you’re watching. Wearing many hats is one of my specialties.  I am a husband, a father, a teacher, 1/6th of Dad Bod DnD, backpacker, tinkerer, I carve wooden spoons, you know, etc, etc. All these activities take a little different amount of my attention and time, but all are a welcome part of my life.

Recently (the last 2 years) D&D has gotten a hold on me. It’s like Bigby’s Hand is holding me tight, keeping me at the D&D table. It has infiltrated much of what I do. I play in two campaigns, DM a home game, run a game for some students, paint miniatures, and craft terrain.  Even with all of that, I think that there is still room for more. It is something that I enjoy thinking about every day.

I am super happy with the direction that Dad Bod D&D has taken things; I am super happy to have you reading this and checking out what we do.  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Peace, love, and natural 20’s for days!

You can find me at:

Twitter: @Two_Sox05

Youtube: Two-Sox Hikes


Hey there. I started playing dungeons and dragons four or five years ago, when a friend convinced me to play, hesitant from all of the stereotypes. Fast forward and I have a massive dice collection, and completely hooked. As a naturally creative person, I love the imagination and creativity of D&D. I am so happy to be a part of the Dad Bod crew and of course love playing in our homebrew campaign at home too. I am so glad to see some of the stereotypes of D&D being broken. It is fun to see people embrace the nerdiness.

Beside a dice roller, I am an artist, fisher(wo)man, kayaker/camper, and mac & cheese connoisseur. I express my happiness by spontaneous dancing, so don’t be alarmed if we meet in person. I am pretty competitive and enjoy playing volleyball, rugby, and softball. I am a sucker for chicken tikka masala, wine, and dad jokes.

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